Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take Me As I Am



Bruce said...

Nice song, great pedal steel!

For more information on Hazel Cottington the songwriter of "Take me as I Am", check out the flip of this record "No Vacancy" posted earlier.

Bruce said...

Pinky Bluel is actually April Walker.

April went on to make her mark in country music with two charting songs "It Just Hurts" another Hazel Cottingotn song that peaked at #16 and "Get Your Pony" which made it to #12. From 1970 - 1977 she starred with Jerry Lakes in a Green Bay country music television show and had her own show in Phoenix from 1986-90, and Mesa from 1990-94. At 70 she still has her health a good strong voice and plays the retirement circuit (mobile home parks, churches, RV resorts etc,)

MrTeenSwe said...

another great release on this label is:

JO-CUR 113 - Larry Fayne - Oh For Crying Out Loud

Anonymous said...

That's my grandma no joke