Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please Don't Break My Heart



Bruce said...

Great record, what a classic sound - love this one.

Here's what I found - this is the first release of Co-Op Records which was founded in 1957 as a division of Cort records. Their fourth release by A Pair of Pauls was also released at the same time (57') as "Please Don't Break My Heart" leading me to believe that records 2&3 were also released at this time. Seems the label goes away and then re-emerges in 1967 in Connecticut with a release by a band called The Chosen Few. Supposedly the new version was financed by the people who owned Merle's record Rack in New Haven. They released garage, soul doowop and lounge. It's totally disjointed but the scans of the later era Co-Op look like the scans of the earlier Co-Op although I'm sure they're different owners. Most of the later stuff can be found an an album called "Conneticuts Greatest Hits" (CP101)

Anybody know anything about Bill Tyler?

Derik said...

Thank you for this rare one. How about the A-side: Forgiving Means Forgetting?