Friday, January 14, 2011

Forgiving Means Forgetting



Howdy said...

With all of Bruce's research how can we not post the flipside!!

Thanks Bruce and Derik!

Derik said...

Thanks for posting the A-side Red. I have a playlist in my iTunes called Red Neckerson, which contains 601 songs. What a wealth of 45s! I want to publicly thank you for all your work.

Keep 'em coming,

Howdy said...

wow 601! has it been that many over the past few years? I have lost count! Thanks Derik!

Bruce said...

What a great 45!!

Couldn't find much about Bill. I think he was the same Bill Tyler that fronted the Circle T Boys who performed on the Midwestern Hayride on WLW TV in Cincinnati. Anybody know anything else?