Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The City Jail



Mellow said...

I think this label was set up in the 1970s after the New Dominion Barn Dance was revived by Sunshine Sue's daughter. Sunshine Sue was the emcee of the original show in the 1950s. The label was intended to promote artists of the show.

Bruce said...

Wow, spectacular! What a great pedal steel break.

The New Dominion Barn Dance was out of Richmond Virginia and was a remake of "The Old Dominion Barn Dance" (Duh) Here's a nice short audio clip that talks about it.

I'll have to see if I can find anything out about Fred Newton.

Howdy said...

I am really surprised that the record is that modern. The label has that late fifties early sixties look and the music sound of that same vintage. Thanks for the great Info Mellow & Bruce!

Bruce said...

Looks like Fred also performed on the Tidewaters Barndance (couldn't find any info on it but there seems to be lots of Barn Dances on early television) Found one mention that he was a local celebrity referred to as the "Singing Jailer". The Country Cavaliers were the shows house band. The show existed from 57' to late 60's.

Mellow said...

There was a Tidewater Jamboree over WAVY in Tidewater, VA. This show was on the air around 1956. No mention of Fred Newton but Jerry Evans, Tommy Riddle, Bill Gatins, and others were part of the show.
@Howdy: I was also surprised of the acient sound for a 1970s label. This was perhaps an attempt to keep traditional country music on the show.

Bruce said...

Try this link - it shows it was on WTID in Nepwort News, Fred Newton gets mentioned. I couldn't find out much about the station, this clip comes from 65'. O.K wait here's something ... it was originally 1270 WTID, and has become a separately owned Religious outlet WTJZ. The call letters WTID now exist in Thomaston Alabama (103.9). Did find out that Wollfman Jack got his start in this radio market as Bob Smith. (Looks like were a long way away from the 45 - sorry)