Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shaking Hand



Bruce said...

Probably common knowledge but..

Tonka Records was owned by a gentleman called Gabe Tucker who was experienced in all aspects of country music as he had been a bandleader, trumpet player, singer, comic, manager, disc jockey & record label operator. Gabe Tucker had also been involved with legendary artists Elvis Presley & Eddy Arnold

Here's a link to Gabe's Obit looks like an ineteresting man. I think he was also involved in D records.

As far as Bubba, I found a corporation founded in Houston in 1991 by EE Van Deman called Bubba Vandeman. The corporation no longer active. I'd bet there's a tie in.

Howdy said...

Bruce-Your research and sleuthing skills never cease to amaze! Thanks for all your efforts. You may want to go back and check the comments on No Vacancy. The son of the writer left some interesting comments.