Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gone With The Wine



Bruce said...

Heartache, alcoholism and death all within a four day strech what a great blog!!

Tony Moon was a co-writer of Soldier of Love and the owner of "Jack Russells An American Cafe" in Franklin TN untill 2001. Hopefully he sold it and was able to retire comfortably.

Howdy said...

Bruce Thanks for all your great info and research on the 45's !! A wealth of knowledge!

Jeffers66 said...

Tony Moon also worked with the great Florida band We The People in the mid-60s.

Jubilation T Cornpone said...

Ray's last Capitol hit, reaching #62. He had hits on seven other labels till 1981.

I'd be curious to hear his songs "Volkswagen" or "Common Colds and Broken Hearts".