Wednesday, July 27, 2011

With Friends Like You



Bruce said...

I wonder if this is one of Bennie's relatives? I couldn't find much on her only a single reference in the 9/18/1971 edition of Billboard where it's mentioned she perforemd in Altoona, Pa at the Mishler theater with the likes of Jean Shepard and Dick Shuey. Maybe she sang this song.

Is this the Music Towne out of Ohio? I know there was a Music Town records that was a division of Chart that had Jean Shepard on it, but I think it ws "town" not "towne"

Howdy said...

I am convinced that this is part of the Hess clan. I this was one of Bennie's labels. I recently purchased a large part of a collection from the estate of the former longtime guitar player for Tex Ritter. In the collection was most of the Hess family recordings plus a couple of letters and autographed pictures of Troy and Bennie. There was another Dee Hess record with the same address on Northland as well.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the info and for posting the great music! Sounds like a spectacular collection.

I looked around a bit more and found that the address, while mentioning National, is also the address of Brite-Star Promotions who distributed Geauga and it's subsidiary Music Towne of Ohio -owned by SG Hahn(Billboard 2-26-1972). I couldn't find a Music Towne associated with Bennie, so I'm betting it's the Ohio label. I'll look more and see if I can find how Dee fits in to the Hess clan

Howdy said...

Bruce thanks for the info. The brite-star connection makes sense because the person who owned these records did a lot of session work for small label mills like Brite Starr and NSD.

Bruce said...

Dorothey Hess was Troys mom, maybe the "Dee Hess" singing is her.