Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Singing The Blues/I'm A One Woman Man

Singing The Blues


I'm A One Woman Man



mrb394ever said...

Well, this clears up the mystery of who the ersatz "Johnny and Jack" of a few posts back might be. So, enquiring minds want to know, is this the Johnny Tyler of" Johnny Tyler & His Riders Of The Rio Grande" and who also sang lead on a few Luke Wills recordings. This guy doing "Singing the Blues" doesn't sound as "cowboy" as the Western Swing Johnny Tyler, but I really can't tell.

mrb394ever said...

Just read the latest comments on the other Tops side -- the ersatz "Johnny and Jack." Red/Howdy, are you saying this is George Jones doing "Singing the Blues"? I can believe it. So what's with the mystery?

Mellow said...

"I'm a One Woman Man" also sounds like Earl Aycock.

DrunkenHobo said... has the Johnny Tyler version of "Singing The Blues" But has a Blue label same tops number. For some reason The Black Label copy's do have the George Jones Version. Another thing This is not the Johnny Tyler who recorded for Rural Rhythm, Specialty & RCA. This is were I got confused with comments about the other side as I had only heard the BLUE label copy before.

DrunkenHobo said...

So my guess is on the Blue Label all 4 tracks are Johnny Tyler vocals With Jack Williams & The Nashville Playboys. But for some reason a Black label was issued with "Singing The Blues" By George Jones on by mistake & Pulled. The Version Of "I'm a one Woman Man" sound not the same as The one By George Jones on Dixie (TN) EP - 517 Which also has "singing The Blues" on.