Saturday, July 2, 2011

A One Time Deal From Frances!

OK Folks, Here is a one time deal from your Ol' Buddy Frances! I have been very fortunate to find a small quantity of small label country records 90% are in un-played condition. I have 4 boxes of  100 lot that I am willing to pass on to you at an extremely low price. Again this is a one time deal! There might be a few doubles but I am trying to prevent that from happening and there will be a few big label obscure country records as well. There will also be some EP's with Covers included most being VG+. I am not going to list what is each lot contains but here are scans of some of what you will find. If you are into the small label country, this is your deal! The price is $30 per box plus shipping. You can pay through paypal. The records are from the sixties through the mid seventies. Do not send counter bids for a lower price this is a final price and is a one shot deal First Come First Serve. If interested email me at

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