Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheers To Ya Baby



DrunkenHobo said...

I guess Doye O'Dell "Live Was Lean" Label from (CA) Don't know issue date.

DrunkenHobo said... says 1968

Bruce said...

What's country music television without a yodeler and a couple of cowboy acrobats? Here's a clip of Doyes incredibly fast paced "Western Varieties" show out of LA form the mid 50's

"According to Doye, "Republic was grooming me to take Roy Rogers' place. I tried out, passed the tests, and signed the contract. Roy was supposed to be drafted about that time. I was in a famous Western clothes store in Los Angeles, trying on boots, hats and the whole bit. Right in the middle of the tailoring, Republic called. The draft age had been lowered, and Roy was safe. So, I didn't get the clothes---or the part!"