Saturday, June 4, 2011

You've Got No Reason



Bruce said...

From Larry Donn
"In 1969, Kenny Owens came to me with the idea that he and I should be partners. He was good at booking jobs, and I had a good band, so we joined forces. In '70, we went to Wayne Raney's studio in Concord, Arkansas, and recorded an album for road sales ('Kenny Owens & The Travellers With Mid-American Music' - Ork LP 1003). Kenny did one side and I did five songs on the other side, including this one. The musicians were, if I remember correctly, Dub Phelps (bass), an uncle of the Phelps brothers who started the Kentucky Headhunters band that was popular a few years ago, Ronnie Harris (drums), who sings two songs on my side of the LP, Eddie Slusser, a fine guitar player who has lived in Memphis for several years, and I'm playing piano."

I wonder if this side is one of the two songs that Ronnie Harris sings on that album? Also wonder why he decided to add the SH to his ORK record label when this was released.

Howdy said...

Thanks for the info Bruce! I don't know much about this one. This is the first Shork record I have seen.

Country Paul said...

There's no real record number, just the matrix number. Mr. Harris can't sing - he sounds like Jonathan Richman - but its a very cute song. Too bad someone with a better voice didn't take the lead. Nonetheless, I very much enjoyed it; thanks for the post.

Country Paul