Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When I'm Alone



Howdy said...

It's not really country but thought I would include it to go along with the Kenny Owens posts

Mellow said...

Thanks, great anyway! I have now suspended updates on the Arkansas 45s blog because I have still troubles with the syntax and the tables. Hope I can resolve these problems soon. But all Arkansas records you post here were added to my offline listings!

Bruce said...

Don't post
Got ahold of Hermies daughter who's going to pass on this one to her mom. She (Hermie) was a family practioner in Jonsboro, but I think she's retired now. Her daughter thought this 45 represented her moms full recording career, which in a way is too bad it's a great song. Hopefully shell post a bit more information. I also found some contact info for Eddie Schlusser and left a message. Hopefully I'll hear back from him and we can find why his side was released under the Shork label instead of the ORK label.