Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh How I Miss You



Derik said...

Sounds good. Thanks.

Mellow said...

A very rare find, never knew this record exists. Thanks!

DrunkenHobo said...

From 1963 or 1964? any chance of the flip "Traveling On My Mind" Guessing the same Kenny Owens on Reka ruth Poplar & Ork. Cheers

Bruce said...

Hey, more Kenny Owens wonderful!! Keep posting his sides.

Sadly it looks like the Variety Recording Studio home of Alley Records burnt to the ground. Do you know what date that was Howdy?

Here's a great article about Alley records and it's owner Joe Lee.

muziekpaleis said...

thank you very much for this very rare single
i love it


Derik said...

Can I say thanks again? Is that allowed? This record merits it.