Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Livin Took The Life Out Of Me



DrunkenHobo said...

Can anybody date the Bennie Hess Popularity 45's? Bj's Guide say 1960? But others guess at around 1970? Whats the truth?

Bruce said...

Based on thie article about Bennie on Black Cat Rockabilly I'd say 70's. I couldn't find any mention that Showland the parent label of Poularity was around in 1960 (but I could be wrong)

From the article:
"Through the seventies and early eighties, Bennie concentrated on two labels. One was the aforementioned Spade Records for his rockabilly efforts and the other was Showland that was used mainly for his own releases, as well as several for his son Troy Hess" Spade was around in the 50's but according to the authors folded in 57' and was resurrected in the 70's.

Thanks for the Bennie Hess Howdy! He's always struck me as a bit of a carny and a showman - I'd love to have heard an interview with the guy.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's a re-issue, the presence of a zip code on the address dates it to post-1962 at the earliest. They look of the record (typestyles in particular) suggests more of a 1970's release.

mrb394ever said...

Howdy/Frances/Red is the world's most prolific source of Bennie Hess recordings. Must be something in the water in Arkansas. Or maybe it's not WATER!