Monday, March 14, 2011

Wheelin And Dealin



Bruce said...

On Wed the 27th of Nov 1965 the Dallas Morning News ran a short article listing Curtis as a guest for that Saturdays Big D Jamboree along with Jeanette McBride, Vern Stoval and Billy Parker. A mere 2weeks after that appearance this...

"Chicago Tribune (IL) - December 15, 1965

Mesquite, Tex., Dec. 14 (UPI)-- Curtis Leach, a professional singer for most of his 37 years, but only recently a big-name performer in country and western music, was fatally stabbed in his home today.

Police arrested Leach's wife, Edna, and Police Chief L. H. Limmer said murder charges would be filed against her.

But it was understood that Mrs. Leach had claimed she stabbed her husband in self defense. Leach was stabbed in the leg with a butcher knife which pierced an artery. He bled to death before doctors at Mesquite Memorial hospital could save him."

Looks like she must have spent years in the kitchen sharpening her knife skills.

Anybody know if she was convicted?

Howdy said...

Wow What a story! A country song in the making there! Thanks!!

Timmy said...

A farm out tune & a far flung tale of woe.

Holly said...

What an amazing song, and story. Thanks Howdy & Bruce!

Pam leach lightfoot said...

No she was never convicted and got away with murder and it was not self defense. I was only 8 years old when it happened and was an eye witness to the murder. In addition they were not married just living together.