Sunday, March 20, 2011

Special Post For Derik

Sere is a special Post for Derik of music for his upcoming trip to Tennessee. A Cornucopia of music about Tennessee. Not going to list titles but most are not your typical Rocky Top wanna be's some decent rockabilly's as well.  Get It HERE


Derik said...

I thanked you in an email, and should probably do the same here so all can see my appreciation. My trip to music city USA will that much better.

Bruce said...

Spectacular compilation!!!

Great music to cook dinner to. My Mom's ears pricked up for the Tenessee Waltz, but I couldn't impress upon her the importance of who wrote it, who recorded it, what label it was on, what studio it was recorded in, who pressed it, who did subsequent versions - she just said she liked to song and that was good enough :)