Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Sister



Howdy said...

Move Over George & Tammy, Donnie & Marie and Conway & Loretta!

Mellow said...

Bennie Hess was a business man in every way. Troy Hess is still active as a musician I think.

Bruce said...

Ha, ha, ha!!! Great picture!
Child exploitation at it's best - you've gotta love it. If only the Disney Channell had been created in those days we could have followed as Troy and Angela rose to the pinnacle of superstardom only to come crashing down in a public spectacle of drugs, alcohol and family strife.

Here's a link for anybody interested in the story of Troys signature piece "Please, Don't Go Topless Mother" by the songwriter who penned it . I guess you have to watch what you write and who you write it for lest it come back to haunt you.