Friday, March 4, 2011

Cigarette & Coffee Blues



Bruce said...

Great post, what a spectacular version of "Cigarette and Coffee Blues" This was a fun one to look up. Didn't find much about Marv although I'm sure it's out there. He was a wonderful yodeler, and his "Sweet Little Wife" is a spectacular rockin' yodelin' polka number.

As far as Lindy Records they were owned by Lindy Shannon a DJ out of LaCrosse Wisconsin who broke the Fenderman's version of "Mule Skinner's Blues". When Elvis first played La Crosse Lindy managed an interview. For anyone interested it's on you tube and if you google Lindy a picture of him doing the interview should show up.

The 45 was recorded and pressed by Kay Bank Records in Minneapolis. Here's a link that leads to some great info and an evolving discography of pressings by Kay Bank.

Thanks again for the post.

lincolncadillac on YouTube said...

He has done a good Rock´n´Roll-Teenbeat song " Dearest Darling"

Lincolncadillac said...

dearest Darling is a good Teenbeat-Rock´n´Roll song by him

Derik said...

"Minnesota Marv" aka Marv Dennis. Looks like Marv made two singles for Lindy. The other one is on ebay for $75.

A discography is listed in the book that I posted yesterday, page 5:

Post the b-side for us? Please and thanks.


Anonymous said...

great record, best version of this I've heard.

Howdy said...

Derik, I will post the flip at the 45 blog.