Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ballad Of Audie Murphy



cuzpat said...

I used to have this dj copy of this records, been a long time. is the other side "Money Makes A Man"
i love that song

thank for posting


Bruce said...

Looks like Wiley decided that writing cookbooks was a bit more lucrative than music - this from 1992

"When country-music songwriter Wiley J. Smith switched from ballads to beans he really found something to croon about.The Virginia-based performer found a wide audience of legume-loving Americans hungry for bean recipes. He gave them The Little Mountain Bean Bible"

If you're interested a copy can be had for a mere pittance on Amazon (I just bought one)

Howdy said...

Wow! I just ordered the book Bruce! Thanks for the info! I'll post the flipside later!

cuzpat said...

Glad i didn't lose my memory on what the flip side of this song was lol!! i still like it a lot

it show how money do make a man

this record label also had Don Chapel on it, in case some people forgot that is Tammy Wynette 2nd husband, he wrote good song but not much of a singer lol!

thanks and hope to hear that song again when you can post it