Monday, December 6, 2010

Katie Dear



Derik said...

Janet And Device of Girls Ahead???


Also, she looks kinda worried. Is the woman in the picture the girl in the song?

Another good one Red.

Howdy said...

The label is odd, This is only the second copy of this I have seen. Both copies were pressed off center as well. Shakespeare country style I guess. I don't know if this was the original or if the Louvins was the first version.

Anonymous said...

I guess they are being very copyright protective, saying the "JANET" wordmark and the picture of the girl's head image are registered trademarks. Who knew Janet Records was the Disney of country 45s?

Howdy said...

Acme Enterprises was a large conglomerate in its day vwey protective of its trademarks and is best remembered for supplying many products to Coyotes in the New Mexico and Arizona desert to rid the Southwest of an over infestation of Road Runners. However, most of their devices were much to complicated except for super geniuses to work with any success. This led to a large class action lawsuit which eventually led to the demise of the company. One Road Runner was quoted as saying to the quality of the contraptions " Beep Beep"