Friday, July 20, 2012

That First Guitar Of Mine



cuzpat said...

More good old stuff. ty for posting

you can tell they are from the 50's by the pic. lol it grat

hope Howdy. or Mr K can help or even Timmy too

Jean Stearns on Decca Label
Sweet Baby On My Mind
and another 45 of hers
Your Kind Of Lovin
and How My Ex- Treating You

Compton Brothers on Dot Label
That Ain't No Stuff
Charlie Brown
May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot (then i smile and drink the wine)

R.W. Blackwood & The Blackwood SInger on Capitol records
Sunday Afternoon Boat ride In The Park On The Lake

Dallas Frazier on Capitol records
can't recall all the title because it so long...It Was The Common Broke Elastic Hound Dog Snoopin Blues or something like that

Dallas name was almost missing on the
45 as it was longer than what i posted lol

June Carter (before she was Cash) on Columbia records
A Long Long Way From The Cotton Field

on Columbia records in 1970
Carl Smith - Red Door

and Howdy do you have a Arkansas records of Dan Craft from W.Memphis Ark on Craft label title
Gone Gone She's Gone
(he sounded a lot like his idol Webb Pierce)

you got great bloggers here and so glad you all have wonderful 45's to keep alive, thank you
i will say that for all those also that don't post....i wish they did so you would know how much we thank you for these great music


Mellow said...

A really nice recording, Jimmy Murphy is always a good deal.

Bruce said...

The Wiki entry for Cy Cobin is well worth a read. He wrote for everybody from Homer and Jetrho to Leonard Nemoy and had a song covered by the Beatles. His career stretched all the way back to 1942 with a song that Peggy Lee and Benny Goodman charted.