Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Ain't Goin Honky Tonkin Anymore

The Whole Jukebox Cannonball is HERE



Howdy said...

I have a lot of 4 star multitrack disc. Some look brand new and they all share this similar surface noise. I was told once that because 4 star used shellac for their 45 and 33 ten inch pressings and they were designed to be played on the old transcription player that they eat into the grooves after a few plays. Anyone know another reason?

BTW- I know this is supposed to be a 45 blog, but someone donated a hundred or or so 78 disc to the cause and I just recently got a setup to record these on my PC. Be patient I will be back on the 45 tracks as soon as my fascination settles down

DrunkenHobo said...

Uncle gill posted a lot of the 4star ep et set pn his blog thanks for this one.