Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mortals Make Mistakes



cuzpat said...

Good thank you

cuzpat said...

reqeust time again
both by Jean Stearn on Decca Records label
Sweet Baby On My Mind
and Your'e Kind Of Loving

Red Door by
Carl Smith on Columbia label around 1970

June Carter (without cash) You'll Long Long Away From The Cotton Field

Compton Brothers- That My Stuff and May Old Acquaintance Be Foegot (Then I Smile And Drink The Wine)Dallas Frazier on Capitol records
(long title) something like? - It Was The Broken key elastic houng dog snoppin blues ( short version of title i know) or something like it

O.B. McClinton - SOAP from Epic Label in 1979 to 80

Mayf Nutter
Green Door from early 70's on Capitol
June Carter (without name Cash from mid 60's) on Colbuia label)

R.W. Blackwood & Blackwood Singer - Capitol label....Sunday Afternoon Boatride InThe Park On The Lake

got more. but will give these a chance first, but something all will enjoy

Mellow said...

The same label Jimmy Evans later recorded his "Pink Cadillac" on?

DrunkenHobo said...

This is Twin (AR) Jimmy Dale Evans is Twin (TN) 45 - 11922 (1984) Bredice Mays Miami Boogie is Twin (FL) - 3 (Nice rockabilly) Corviars with the Stith Twins, The Langdon Twins is another Twin 45 - 4 poss (FL) ? Black Diamonds / Slipped disc both nice sax rockers can anybody date any of these?

Mellow said...

The Jimmy Evans record was out in 1984. Terry Gordon says it was affiliated with the Glo-Lite Studio in Memphis, since Jimmy Evans also came from the Forrest City region I thought they were possibly the same labels.