Saturday, September 17, 2011

Outside The Door



Derik said...

Now, I like that one. The drums go well with the vocal. And the color of the label is pretty.


Bruce said...

Almost country, but not quite but maybe it is. Whatever it is it's rather pleasant sort of "The Fleetwoods" gone country (actually country guitarist extraodinair Roy Lanham did the guitar work on the Fleetwoods "Come Softly")

Written by Cross-Beaver that being Stan Beaver of "Rocket In My Pocket Fame" and Nina Cross who I think is his Mom (Nina Sue Cross Beaver)

I agree withe you Derik the color of the label is pretty.

MrTeenSwe said...

Kool record, for some strange reason i always assumed that "Pencil, Paper And A Broken Heart" by Bill Brock on SAMPSON 1081 (pressed on orange vinyl) was the only disc on that label :)