Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bussin Them Youngins



cuzpat said...

Cartwheel Records is the label where Billy Crash Craddock hit with Knock Three Times Dream Lover You Better Move On and More
he was their bigger star. but the sound was great

Howdy said...

I assume this is the same Ben Smathers that led the cloggers on the Opry for years

Bruce said...

I don't share the same fear as Ben that the kids will only learn to ride the bus. My fear is they'll end up like the kids on the Ed Pinketts' "Welfare Schoolbus"

Holly said...

Oh Bruce, funny ;-)

Timmy said...

Well, sir... I look you straight in the eye & say to you; take me back to Tulsa.

Bruce said...

Hey, there's a copy of this in Nixons presidential Library!! Here's how it's filed.

Title/Event: Side One: "Busin' Them Younguns'"; Side Two: "Common as a Shoe"
File/ID No.: 700000004 Format: DR
Participants: Ben Smathers, Singer
Approx. Date: 1970
Topic/Subject: Music Recordings
Restrictions: Copyright
Provenance: WHSF: SMOF: Boe, Box 10
Remarks: The original is a 45 rpm disc recording.

And here's what collection it's in

The White House Special Files materials were removed from the White House Central Files: Subject Files, Staff Member and Office Files (SMOFs), and Alphabetical Name Files in September, 1972, to secure perceived sensitive
political and administrative materials, personal materials relating or belonging to Richard Nixon, and documents containing the President’s handwriting. From September, 1972 to August, 1974, any of the aforementioned materials were automatically placed into the newly created White House Special Files collection

I think in the original listing "Boe" refers to Nils Boe who was the Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairsin the Executive Office.

Almost as exciting as the Westport Kids sending on a picture to Truman isn't it? Wonder if Nixon was a fan?

Anybody know who the H.E.W Ben refers to in the song is?

Howdy said...

My B side is different. I have common as a shoe but it is not on this 45. H E W is what the Education Department and Department of Human Services was derived. It was simply known as the Department of Health Education & Welfare.