Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let Forgiveness In

Download EP Here ^^^

Don't Worry


Howdy said...

I Think That is Johnny Paycheck on Hello Walls and Heart Over Mind and Cowboy Copas on Flat Top

Anonymous said...

The esses are those of Paycheck. Barstool Mountain has plenty-o-similarity. It's Copas - the tonal qualities of the "go high" notes are there. Not to mention:

Anonymous said...

He's actually Can you imagine that today at the Stuperbowl?

DrunkenHobo said...

I agree. From Starday 1961. I had the Donny Young (AKA Johnny Paycheck) as unissued demos before.

Country Boy Lance said...

Not sure who is singing "Don't Worry"
but "Let Forgiveness In" - Eddie Wilson; "Hello Walls" - Donny Young;
"Flat Top" - Cowboy Copas; "Heart Over Mind" - Donny Young; Your Old Love Letters - Tonny Hill & Eddie Wilson