Sunday, May 15, 2011

That Big Ole' Moon



DrunkenHobo said...

Kenny had a 2nd 45 on Ork (AK) 45 - 35 with out the # titles "Hey Porter" & " Ballad Of A Teenage Queen" Both Johnny Cash Songs I believe both 45rpm to be issued around 1969 Also 45r[pm issued on Poplar Reka, Chance & Ruth in 1958 & 1964 as Kenny Owen

Anonymous said...

I've not heard Ferlin's version, but you's have to go a long way to beat this one. Great guitar work!

Mellow said...

@DrunkenHobo, the Chance record was as by "Ken Owens and the Del-Rays" and is not the same Kenny Owens on Ork. Ken Owens was the vocalist of the Del-Rays and later went to college, while Kenny Owens was a professional musician who had also a TV show in Jonesboro and recorded with Larry Donn.