Saturday, April 30, 2011

Room 222



DrunkenHobo said...

Is this Dale (NY) or Dale (OK) ? I'm guessing it the NY label

Howdy said...

Oklahoma Label

Bruce said...

Could this be Raybons son? I'm not sure. Like Raybon he wrote and recorded under a few names, Jimmy D and Jimmy Dale are the two I found.

There's a signed copy of his record "Our Wife/Poly Drove the Wagon" over on E bay. On the label it mentions it was arranged by Jack Clememt and the publisher is Hall-Clement (hall-way records publishing?) I also see he did some recording for the D label.

At one point Jim also penned a song with Carl Friend who wrote your Dec 28th post "Miles of Heartaches (Acres of Blues)" that was on the unamed acetate.

Hmmm...this one is starting to seem like the Six Degrees of Frances' Favorites isn't it?