Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let Me Hear A Glad Song


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Bruce said...

Thanks for posting the flip Howdy!

After listening to the A side I hunted down John and gave him a call on the telephone. You couldn't have run into a nicer man or a more interesting conversation.

The Soc-A-Gee label is owned by John himself and was named for a creek just outside Carthage Texas where both he and his uncle, Jim Reeves, used to fish. "This Time It's Over" the A side of this disc was originally released by Spar records in 1974. This A,B pairing got it's original release on the Soc-A Gee record label and was later picked up by Stan Lewis for release on the Paula label (after listening to this cut it had to be on the strength of the A side). While it had potential, John said it didn't go as far as he thought it could because at the time Stan was "pulling in his horns" and didn't give it enough promotion.

John has records released on Spar, Custom, Soc-A-Gee and Royal American. It wasn't untill after 91' when he retired from a career at Nabisco that he took up the music business full time. Since then he's had a succesfull 5 year run doing a tribute show to his uncle Jim Reeves, has toured both nationaly and internationaly (he had just recently returning from a tour of Australia when I talked to him),is currently appearing on the Midwest Country Show on RFD television, and has been recording new music with pedal steele player extroardinair Doyle Grisham.

Talking to him you can tell he's got a real love for classic country music and that he's having a great time in his second career. I'm happy he took a little time to talk to me and hopefully this will add a bit of a backround to this post.