Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Nothing



Bruce said...

Great post, I'm curious, the production level is pretty high. Kennewick, where the promo person lived, is better known for the Hanford nuclear reservation (one of the Manhatten Project reactors was built there) than it is for music. Doc Holliday is a pretty generic stage name, but the first bassist for Paul Revere and the Raiders was Mike "Doc" Holliday so I give it a maybe - at least it's in the right area. I found mention of a country music DJ out of Spokane, WA (quite close) named Frank Kennedy, which I'll label another maybe. I'll see if I can find anything else. Post the flip, I'd love to hear it.

Bruce said...

Found out thte label is from Salem Oregon. Couldn't find out anything else.

Anonymous said...

Frank Kennedy must have also owned Connie Sue Records, the label has the same Kennewick adress as the promotion sticker on this one.