Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guard On The North Wall


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cuzpat said...


Thank and good work on all these 45's

i was wonderling if you or anyone knows or has the next selection of 45's, these were never put in a album back then nor were they on cd's that we could find

Cal Smith
"Free Streets"
"To Save My Wife"

both song above are A & B side
never put in a album and was release after That What It Like To Be Lonesome was a minor hit

Cal Smith
Lights of The Living"
this was the b-side of I Found Someone Of My Own, again never put on a album and hard to find

all above was on Decca or MCA records

Hank Williams Jr. - The Ballad Of The Moonshine (soundtrack from The Moonshine Wars)M-G-M records

this song was the b side of All For The Love Of Sunshine - another soundtrack song from a movie, but never put in a Hank Jr album or cd's


Charlie C. Freeman song on Sun Records about a mother writing her son to come home on a bus from Vietnam to Little Rock??

Thank if you have any of these hard to find or any one has info on them

keep up the good work here, love it. so many i never heard