Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feudin And Shootin



Bruce said...

Great song! You gotta love any song that has "Commies" somewhere in the lyrics. For those interested here's a bit more information about Tropical records and a discography..I love the name of the owner- Bob Quimby - it almost sounds like it was made up.

Bruce said...

Just a little mrore that I found poking about, from Lee Hazen who played in the studio groups at Tropical. He mentioned they typically did 15 sides in an afternoon and the pay scale
"got $2 per part
I played and $2.50 per song I sang, so if I sang lead
AND background, I could make up to $9 a song !"
He mentions that Greg Allman and a friend made a recording "Gregg Allman with Bob Edwards - Just call my name" which was done
at the National Songwriter's Guild in Ormond Beach. He thought it was his first recording. I'm not sure whether it was ever released.

Howdy said...

Thanks for the info Bruce!! I see these were pressed by rite records. I posted the flip on the 45 blog. F-86 has that same kill the commie feel to it!

Timmy said...

Alrighty now! Thank ya...