Saturday, February 5, 2011

From Saigon To Little Rock



Howdy said...

It has a few crackles at the start but settles down fairly quickly. I have been on the hunt for a better copy for about 5 years.

Jubilation T Cornpone said...

Dang, you're good!

cuzpat said...

Thank so much for this!! that was fast!! i used to have this on a dj's copy back in 1970
it was on both side of course when they had one side Mono and the other side Stereo and it was a white label with black letters

sometime you get one like that by Sun on Gold colors records by Jerry Lee Lewis or Johnny Cash

i met Charlie C. Freeman after this song been out a few month, he was in a control booth of a van for a local Memphis Tn radio station live from a gas station doing ads. i first heard this song on KWAM FM-101 one night and ask the disc jockey who it was and he told me, the disc jockey i ask later went to work for that station Charlie was working at, the dj name is Jerry Lawler better known as the King on WWE wrestling now, and Jerry was the one who gave me that copy of the records

thank for adding it and looking forward to seeing what else is on here, you do a great job


Timmy said...

A nice song & a nice story, Cuz...