Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Somebody's Been Beatin My Time



WESTEX said...

Love this label. Everything I've come across is usually worthy of a listen or three... would be most interested in hearing a 'best of' 25-song set.

cuzpat said...

Sorry i got mess up by a virus that made me lose links and all
finally getting back around
love the music Howdy

do anyone have Billy Edd Wheeler (the writer of Jackson and Ode To The Brown Shack Out Back) music of Love Is from RCA Victor and also by him---Pedro Gonmale (or Gonzales)?

O.B. McClinton - Soap from Columbia records

Brush Arbor - Brush Arbor Meeting
and Old Besty Goes

R.W.Blackwood, & The Blackwood Singers
Sunday Afternoon Boatride In The Park On The Lake

Johnny Wright - Love Everybody, on Decca
(Very very rare 1970 or 71 release)

this prove one thing. not every songs that hit the top 30 even back then. still hit the heart top 5 in one way or another

thanks Howdy and also Mr. K for all you done

and keep going on. we love you even if you don't hear it enough
some are too shy to say anything

Mellow said...

From 1963? Sleepy LaBeef's demo version of this song is the definitve one!

cuzpat said...

Thanks for all the upload and time you put in
i just got back online. got sometype of virus a couple weeks ago and just got enough money to get window put back in, so sorry for not being around lately

tc all

cuzpat said...

Hope you okay howdy? been awhile. hope you are so busy and not feeling ill, tc hope to see you soon

cuzpat said...

One more to add to th list

Dottie West - Johnnie Walker Old Granddad, Jack Daniels And you

it was only a single release and never on a album and so rare