Friday, June 1, 2012

Married In Las Vegas



Bruce said...

A bit about Debbie Dierks, now Debbie Montgomery who seems to be recording christian music
"Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Debbie sang in talent shows and school concerts. She learned to play the piano and the guitar and spent many hours singing and writing songs. Throughout high school and college, she was active in school choral groups, musical revues, and sang in church choirs. Music was always a major part of her life.

When Debbie was seventeen, her father passed away. She found it easiest to cope with the loss of her father through her music, so she wrote a song for him entitled "Daddy's Little Girl." With this song and several other songs that she had written, she and her mother and her aunt headed for Nashville. Debbie was nineteen when she recorded her first country album, "Lucky Chicago," released on the Cherish record label."

The Kansa label I believe was originally from Kansas. It looks like it moved to Nashville and gave up the ghost in 2003

Mike Tomsco is of course Mike Tomsco from the Fireballs.

Bruce said...

Sorry that's George Tomsco. I shouldn't do these things in the morning when the brain is rather dead.

cuzpat said...

Great ty