Monday, April 16, 2012

Come A Little Closer Please


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DrunkenHobo said...

(1951) Thanks fors sharing both sides. I had the flip on a Intro (CA) comp. But this side was missing. The comp has Eddie doing "A Bag, A Bone, A Hank Of Hair" on (1952) Intro (CA) 45 - 6039, (1952) "Dirty Linen" Intro (CA) 6057, (1953) "Texas Oil Man " Intro (CA) 45 - 6078 all nice Hillbilly Boppers & Strollers. Not heard the flips sides of them though. IN (1949) Eddie did "Back In Texas" Imperial (CA) 78 - 8056 This time with The Texas Melody Boys not the Woodchoppers again I have no idea what the flips like but for 1949 it Rocks nicely.