Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome To the Night Life



Bruce said...

It sounds so exotic doesn't it - "Canadian Artist". Great song!! Wonder who plays the pedal steel?

Information on her was a bit thin, she did a couple more songs produced by Mike and one written with him and Nova Fitzgerald "Center Feature in the Playmore Magazine" also on Blaze.

I wonder if Blaze was Mike Harris's label?

Thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

Canadian radio stations are required to play a certain amount of music of Canadian origin per hour. See:

That probably explains why this was denoted on the label.

Bruce said...

Thanks, make sense. Never considered the Canadian law. Before the internet when I listened to a lot more commercial radio I'd occasionally pick up stations from Victoria BC. You were always guaranteed to hear a lot of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell no matter what station you were tuned in to.