Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't Believe All City Kids Are Bad



Bruce said...

No doubt Startime was a division of Abnak records (I guess if it's printed on the label it must be so) a record label out of Dallas run by insurance salesman John H Abnor. He originally set up to promote his son John H Junior but hit it big with the Five Americans. The complete story can be found here

Ray Winkler the producer was a 2010 inductee into the Texas Music Hall of Fame and wrote "Welcome to My World"
- Here's a bit of a biography

I couldn't find anything about Clayton

Glad not all city kids are bad, only sort of bad.

Howdy said...

Abnor Hired Dale Hawkins to start the label and produced the 5 Americans

Bruce said...

Smart man that Abnor was, thanks for the info.