Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chico Gonzales O'Greer



DrunkenHobo said...

from 1971 another missing K-ark gap filled thanks

Bruce said...

Written by Dale Hadly and Gerald Vest, both prolific songwriters that had hits for others (although this song may not be an indication of that)

Here's a bit from Dale's obit

"IDAHO FALLS, ID -- Dale G. Vest, age 70, passed away September 29, 2005, of natural causes in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Dale was born on December 5, 1934, in Woodville, Idaho, to John Arden “Ardy” and Ruby Elizabeth Dayley Vest. In 1969, Dale began writing songs, a passion that would stay with him, and grow, for the rest of his life. Indeed, in the days and hours before his death, he brought humor and comfort to his family, reciting poetry and singing songs. With well over 120 releases by many artists including country legends Merle Haggard, Albert Brumley Jr., Jimmy Payne, and Doug Kershaw, his songs attained respectable chart positions in both this country and abroad. He was the recipient of over 40 music industry awards, including two from the Society of European Songwriters, Authors, and Composers (SESAC). Of all his musical achievements, though, he was most proud of his many recordings by Country & Western legend Tommy Overstreet, his close and dear friend since 1969."

Thanks Howdy it's always fun to see what pops up on K-Ark