Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Song About My Baby



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Bruce said...

Great steel playing, maybe Don Helms? the song has a real Buck Owens feel to it. Here's a bit I found about Jimmie

"Jimmy Helms was a part of the show (The Radio Center Saturday Night Jamboree) and later worked for the WIlburn Brothers, Sure-Fire Music and the Wil-Helm Productions group in Nashville that was owned by the Wilburns and Hank Williams' steel guitar player, Don Helms."

I also found mention that he appeared on the Wilburns TV show, but couldn't find the clip of him. Too bad. Anybody have anything else? I think he got his recording start on East West records in 58 according to Billboard.

He wrote this cool little patriotic dity recorded by Ernest Tubb - "It's America (Love it or Leave It)" it's well worth a listen

Timmy said...

a real ball bustin' beer guzzlin' number!