Sunday, January 26, 2014

Butane Blues

Music For Me And My Shadow

1.       Mama-Lefty Frizzell

2.       Bill Collector Blues-Hank The Drifter

3.       Jukebox Gal-Claude Casey

4.       Esmeraldy-I Had A Good Man In Memphis

5.       Mind Your Own Business-Evelyn White

6.       Honky Tonk Mama0Billy reed

7.       49 Women-Jerry Irby

8.       Keep Your Motor Hot-Sam Nichols   

9.       A Mile to The Mailbox-tommy Trent

10.    Indian Rock-Randy Atcher

11.    Nashville Blues-Dave Dudley

12.    I’m A Whip Crackin Daddy-Ricky Riddle

13.    I’m A Ding Domg Daddy From Dumas-Jimmie Atkins

14.    Automobile Baby-Jimmie Osborne

15.    Tom Cattin’ Around-Ken Marvin

16.    Honky Tonk Blues-Eddie Marshall

17.    The DJ Blues-Hank Harral

18.    Left Me With the Blues-Slim Sommerville

19.    Have You Seen My Boogie Woogie Baby-Ernest Tubb

20.    Butane Blues-Hank & the Junkyard Dogs


tamworthted said...

Thanks Red

Anonymous said...

weeeee doggies. hey, neck'son, ever see PERSPECTIVES by Johnny russell? can't find it anywhere. no respect for the late jr anywhere. its giving me an achy in my breaky. the only blog that even mentions it is praguefrank, and no links there, no franks, no sausage

Timmy said...

Some cool tracks here. Much thanx......