Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Bottom Of The Bottle



Timmy said...

Great song. Makes me wanna lie down on the sawdust & never awaken

Bruce said...

I think I'm going to look for the bottom of the bottle!

Here's a bit from Jerry himself about the session this came from "In late 1967 I recorded four songs at Gene Sullivan\'s recording studio in Oklahoma City. That session was produced by Joe Lewis of the Conway Twitty band"

And a bit about Gene Sullivan's Studio "Sullivan Studios was in a suburb of OKC called Capital Hill. The studio was owned and operated by Gene Sullivan, who at one time had been part of the duo Wiley & Gene. In 1941, Wiley & Gene recorded the country hit "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold". Sullivan's was a three-track studio."

Thanks for the post, Holidays are always a great time for drinking songs.

Mark said...

Shoulda been a hit...