Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No, This Blog Is Not Dying

Greetings All!

Thanks for those of you stop by and visit and to those of you who stop and comment! The posts have been rather slow the last few months due to an extremely heavy workload in the non cyber world and and a lot to do with the crappy service I get from Divshare. I will probably get back to posting regularly in early October so stay tuned for future adventures!


cuzpat said...

Thank for letting us know, will be happy when you return to post soon

if you had not said anything we would have worry, thank for all you do
and thank to those that help too

when people get inside out of the cool and cold weather it will pick up

tc and thanks


Timmy said...

As I've said before, we don't mind sittin' around waitin', as long as it's worth the wait! We all love yer posts & all the hard effort you put in. Here's another nickle fer that juke-box over thar...

Bruce said...

Hey thanks for just posting, no need to apologize. What you post up is always fun to listen to and equally as fun to research. It's always tough when work gets in the way. Looking forward to October!

Anonymous said...

I'll be behind the green door waitin' fer ya', Joe. After all, I know where you live and look like. No worries I'm relatively stable...if'n yah know what I mean Pilgrim.

Come back soon...