Sunday, August 26, 2012

Your Cheating Ways



Mellow said...

Ol' Sasnett was hearing Hank Williams when he wrote this, I guess.

Bruce said...

Here's what I found... EB (Everett) Sasnett was a Pentecostal evangelist as well as a wounded vet who in the April 28th 1958 edition of Billboard put in an add for "religious Singers and Musician. Mandolin Guitar and Accordion" He was looking for "a recording company to put records on market" and someone to sponsor his group on television and the radio as they traveled the 48 states for ministry work.

Looks like he finally had to do it himself. The address on this record is the same as the 1958 Billboard magazine. If your interested in a picture of JR Sasnett, probably Everett's son, and the Tennessee Ramblers as well as a hilarious write up about one of their albums follow the bouncing link

Thanks for the post. Not a bad song is it?