Sunday, May 6, 2012

I've Let Failure Go Straight To My Head

Courtesy of Mr. K



cuzpat said...

Thank so much Mr. K and Howdy
Never heard this before but like it a lot

Bruce said...

Hey, a Jimmy Peppers cut! Thanks great to hear his voice.

Jimmy was the band manager for George Jones and Billy Wilhite the producer, was his road manager. I'm betting Billy owned the label. He was a long time resident of Toccoa where the label is from. I'll see if I can chase that down.

On a totally non music aside years ago during a bicycle trip I stopped in the Toccoa casket company, in Toccoa, and took a tour (they were great to me). Their high end caskets were beautiful and took a lot of skill to build. As we passed one of the craftsmen working on one I asked him if it bothered him that they would only be seen for such a short time and then buried in the ground never to be seen again He looked up at me and said "Na, I see it as job security"

cuzpat said...

Brain not as fast as it used to you Mr.K or Howdy have by the Compton Brothers on Dot Records

That Ain't No Stuff


Compton Brothers – May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot (Before I Lose My Mind)
or any by them

and a long lost

Bobby Penn - You Were On My Mind
don't recall the label

or Dan Craft from W.Memphis Ark
on Craft Music or Craft Records
i used to have a song by him
Gone Gone She's Gone

Eddie Bond on Enteprise Records
My Woman Is A Traitor

and a song Tonight I'm Gonna Try To Drink Milwakee Dry by i guess
Charlie Walker (sound like him)??
(Billy Walker also had a song close to this title but it not the same song)

Brush Arbor Meeting by Brush Arbor on Capitol records

and Old Besty Goes (boing boing)

and to Howdy...Charlie C Freeman half brother enjoy hearing his bro music online here on the song "From Saigon To Little Rock" and told him about it

so let make other family's of those we like happy too

thank Howdy and Mr. K

cuzpat said...

Thanks Bruce for info?

jamesvapor said...

Jones cut an album of Jimmy Peppers songs that has never been released...

Bruce said...

Any reason why James?

I talked to Billy Wilhite's son in law. Billy ended up with George for almost 20 years - that must have been exciting. Jimmy Peppers and Bill were good friends. If I get more info I'll post it up.

I'm sorry to report that the Toccoa Casket Company closed a few years ago.